O Wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?

The world our generation grew up in is forever changed. With close to a million deaths, humanity lives in constant fear of a disease it has never known.

But this isn’t the deadliest event that mankind has faced. The last century saw two major wars, nuclear weapons unleashed on an unsuspecting population and the shadow of a cold war that lasted 50 years… yet we moved on.

It is my belief that human nature lends itself to “moving on.” It’s somehow hard coded in us to, in spite of imminent danger and tragedy, to carry on with our lives. Regardless of our personal opinions on the matter, the world has decided, at their own pace, no more lockdowns and it’s to get our lives back.

Forging a new path forward.


T H E   W A Y   F O R WA R D ?

The gradual reopening of the world was an economic measure meant to plug the hemorrhaging caused by CVOID19. Despite warnings by health experts, WHO and frontline medical professionals, economies of the world decided they had enough of the locking their populations indoors and bringing businesses to a grinding halt.

Some of the hastiest lifting of restrictions were seen in republican leaning states in the US which topped the charts in COVID 19 casualties. Despite serious warnings from his own staff, the US president forced his authority to take public life back to normal.

Till a vaccine is made available, the road to recovery means living with the virus. Social distancing, protective gear, constant washing and other
adaptive measures are here to stay till billions get vaccinated and this virus is relegated as memory of the past. The gradual and cautious opening of food delivery, air travel and now fitness centers and gyms means we are willing to live under the constant threat of COVID19 and go about our everyday lives, just like we used to.

Being part of moving forward, we need to accept the new realities.

No matter what your political leanings are, the COVID vaccine is the safest way to tackle the spread of the virus even if we are apprehensive of its results. At the time of writing this, governments all over the world have started rolling out vaccinations to first responders and then to the general population.

While this may not be a cure, it is the way forward.


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