With more people training at home than ever due to COVID19, a myriad combination of online training, at home, on the mat, off the chair, doorway pull ups, and incline dips off the edge of our furniture have made it to our arsenal of get fit at home fixes. However, one workout routine that has really come to the fore is TRX – Traction Rubber X. Addressing every fitness level and forcing you to deal with your own body weight, TRX has become the workout of choice for the at home crowd. That’s not to say its not popular at gyms and fitness studios. On the contrary, a whole franchise system of TRX powered gyms are popping up around the world and for good reason – its practical.

All the workouts you can usually do are made more challenging with TRX. Pushups, planks, squats, core etc. I’ve tried TRX myself and you do get a really good workout in a short period of time. I also like the fact you can get it up and running in an hour; you’ll need a rod or a hook installed to the ceiling or your concrete wall.

As for costs, you can buy a TRX set on amazon.com for as little as US$90 all the way to US$200. Shipping and handling are extra depending on your location of course. TRX, the brand itself, does carry a wide assortment of products, guides that you can order online. Frankly, I’d prefer to order from TRX itself as opposed to any online retailer (amazon.com included) for the obvious benefits.

Installation is a breeze and if you are comfortable using a power drill, my advise would be to hang it from the ceiling. Literally. I know a lot of people do it off the walls or doors, but the range you get by suspending it to the ceiling (and the peace of mind it won’t snap provided you’ve done a good job) is just amazing. But you could do both. Just add additional hooks and you can really expand on the range of movement.

The TRX™ Studio.

Now here’s my favourite part: TRX studios are the next big thing. Make no mistake about it. All over the US, Europe and Australia, tiny apartments are being converted into TRX studios that handle 10 – 15 clients in 40 minute classes.

By some estimates, you could get a TRX studio up and running for as little as US$ 15,000. That’s less than 1/10th the cost to setup a conventional gym. And the TRX company provides a one stop solution to getting your gym up and running. From flooring to trainers, they seem to have it all.

With TRX seeming like a safe, for everyone alternative in fitness, its rapid spread in terms of TRX branded studios is not surprising. From Minsk to Melbourne, studios and gyms are adopting suspension straps more than ever.


For the TRX enthusiast, you can find a ton of resources, discounts, exclusives on the company website www.trxtraining.com. There’s even a link to setup a complete TRX branded gym. That’s what caught my eye.

vik-stretchInstead of experimenting and a lot of trial and error, your setup trajectory can be hastened by letting the TRX experts design and brand your studio. Of course the fees and royalties would have to be negotiated, but in my opinion, this is the way to go. At the time of writing this, according to TRX’s official website, more than 60 thousand gyms and studios have been outfitted with TRX equipment. Combine that with constant training, guides and best practices, it is my opinion that TRX might become the next big thing in fitness as even major brand gyms are incorporating suspension training to their mix of equipment.

Now, all we need are some fun, competitive games and this can really turn into a party!


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