Creating an online fitness biz


Recent events around the world have forced a rethink on every business model. The fitness industry was very quick to move training, consultation and retail online to reach audiences wherever they are. But how easy is it to move your fitness business online? With Gymscanner, it’s a one day process.

I’m assuming as a fitness entrepreneur, you have a training or nutrition program (or both) and you are qualified to train and educate your clients in those programs.

Looking to build a website? You no longer need one. With, you get your free profile on the website and the mobile application. Sell infinite number of fitness plans all over the world. Best of all, its absolutely free to create your page.

We’ve got that covered too. Meaning you can accept all major credit card payments online.

The hardest part to getting your business online is building a website. Luckily, fixes that forever.

Gone are the days when you needed HTML or horrible looking php code to build a basic website. Now, with the power of, you can build your fitness business online with no coding or programming skills. Get your exclusive page on the website and mobile app…for free.

So where do you start?
Signup on and fill out a short form. Will take you less than 20 seconds. That’s it. Our dedicated partner relations staff will get in touch with you to get your fitness business online on the website and mobile app the same day.

Is it free?
Yes, your page on website and mobile app is free and always will be.

Do I need to know any programming?
Absolutely not. You get a cutting edge e-commerce page with no programming needed.

Can I sell online?
For sure! That is the whole idea…to take your fitness business online and help you sell to more customers everyday.

Setting up an e-commerce website is lot easier than you think with Follow the 3 steps mentioned earlier in this article and you can sell your fitness plans to a global audience almost immediately.


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