Does dead lifting everyday really build overall body strength?
Or could you be hurting yourself? Cut the hype and follow the evidence.

Let’s get something out of the way first: dead lifts are good. No, they are great. A proper inform lift builds back, legs, glute and core muscles. No argument there.

Now, is too much of a good thing actually beneficial? And the sad answer is no. There is no scientific evidence to support that dead lifting a month straight can turn you into an immovable object. I wish it could, but it doesn’t.

Why you may ask? Well, for starters, with any workout you need rest and recovery. Working the same muscle group every single day doesn’t aid in muscle mass increase, but can actually do the opposite: damage muscle tissue beyond repair. I am surprised that a great many websites written by “fitness pros” preach and swear by the daily dead lift routine? How? And why would anyone peddle such nonsensical is beyond me.

squatBut here at Muscle Magazine, we take a science based approach to all claims…so let’s dissect this down to its base fibre!

What muscle groups do dead lifts target?
The back, glutes and legs (quads) with external obliques. Dead lifts, in all its variations, do not build abs and have minimal impact on core muscle groups. There are studies such as “Systematic
Review of Core Muscle Activity During Physical Fitness Exercises” do not prove in any way whatsoever that dead lifts improve abs. In fact, you are better off using a Swedish ball.

boxAnd then there’s the strong man spiel where dead lifting is the gold standard where the strongest man or woman in the world is crowned. The more you lift, the mightier you seem. While this directly proportional relation might seem like a no brainer, there’s no way to judge who truly is the strongest athlete in the world. Every claim about strongest or fittest individual made by the sponsoring organization should be taken with a grain of salt as these are not the scientific means to judge one’s strength.

Do dead lifts make you stronger?
Yes. But so do all the other exercises and workouts when done right: workout, rest, recover, nutrition and increase 10% load. If you were expecting that daily lifts would make you stronger, I sincerely apologize to disappoint you. The science is just not there. The human body needs a cycle to recover and build strength. Period.

Your body is not a deck of cards that gets heavier the more you add. I’ve seen a ton of websites, blogs, articles and “experts” propagating that daily is good. It’s not. They just don’t have the science behind their claim.
Here’s the final word: dead lifting daily will not build strength, but is a fast way to injury. No workout on the planet should be done everyday and not give your body the time it needs to heal, recover and build.


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