unicorn riding

Riding The Unicorn

How billion dollar valued companies are built, and how you can build your own unicorn from your garage. The term “unicorn” first appeared in a 2013 essay by Cowboy Ventures venture entrepreneur Eileen Lee. The entrepreneur used this term to...

Singapore Rising

The return of Singapore to live before pandemic is nothing short of amazing. From being one of the worst hit regions in the world with two lockdowns to completely removing all travel restrictions, Singapore is ready to bounce back to the world stage.
Before we talk about raising healthy kids, how about raising a healthy parent?

Dead lift everyday?

Let's get something out of the way first: dead lifts are good. No, they are great. A proper inform lift builds back, legs, glute and core muscles. No argument there.
exercise band

Should I Band?

Resistance bands originally were used to improve conditioning in nursing home residents. Today, many more exercisers are discovering the advantages of these bands. For one, they’re relatively inexpensive — a decent set costs about $25.
The fitness industry was very quick to move training, consultation and retail online to reach audiences wherever they are. But how easy is it to move your fitness business online? With Gymscanner, it’s a one day process.

Foolish Old Man

So, he summoned his two sons and shared the task of digging up the mountains one day at a time. The family of 3 got busy in no time and started hacking away the twin peaks, little by little, everyday.

The Way Forward

The world our generation grew up in is forever changed. With close to a million deaths, humanity lives in constant fear of a disease it has never known.
A quick look at the multi-billion dollar supplements industry and what you should expect of your supplements.

The Sugar Assault

We live in a world where sugar forms, almost, the basis of every food ingredient. Read any nutrition label and you'll be hard pressed not to find processed sugar as one of the key ingredients. In the face of...